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Who can benefit from a VPN?

Mainly everybody who is connecting to the internet in restricted areas/zones or countries with strict filters or censorships. Secondly everybody who needs to be sure that all data are really secured and protected from unwanted viewers (thieves, scammers, fraudsters, hackers)

Privacy geeks

Who really want to be sure his/her action through the internet are not seen from anybody else.

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Security devotees

Who requires safety in principle.

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Avid gamers

In many places you cannot connect to your desired on-line game.

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Who need to enter restricted zones

Also everybody who needs to connect to many websites and services which are restricted in the area where is at the time. It does not have to be restricted by the law, there is also many webpages which are restricted and one needs to connect them for business purposes

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As travelers very often cannot even connect to their internet banking, often used gambling web pages or po.n websites, WorxVPN always helps.

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Mobile users

Very often you cannot connect even to your e-mail or send e-mail via mobile client or Outlook. Some services and are very sensitive to changing IP and as mobile users your IP is changing everytime you move or connect to wi-fi.

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Data thieves look for unprotected devices, and those that do not use encryption
are easy targets. And it is not only about stealing data, it is also about falsification of identity